10 Things That Steal Our Motivation—and How to Get It Back

commit and don’t back off

10 Things That Steal Our Motivation—and How to Get It Back

M otivation is central to creativity, productivity, and happiness. Motivation is what causes us to act, and when we act, we create movement, growth, and change; we feel involved, masterful, and significant; we feel powerful through experiencing how we can change the world; and we create more of what we love in our lives. And all of this gives our lives purpose and happiness.

It’s said that Inuit have multiple words for snow. It’s so familiar to them, they can appreciate the subtle differences between the varied types. These distinctions let Inuit respond differently to different types of snow, depending on the challenges and opportunities that each particular type of snow presents.

Most of us have just one conception of demotivation, which means that whenever you’re unmotivated, you’re likely to assume that you’re struggling with the same problem. The truth: Demotivation is a category of problems, containing many variations. When you have just one kind of demotivation, you’ll apply the same old strategies whenever you feel unmotivated. For many people, those strategies look like this: set goals, push harder, create accountability checks that will push you, and run your life using to-do lists. These strategies are ineffective with most types of demotivation, and in some instances they can even make you more unmotivated.

At its essence, demotivation is about not fully committing to act, and there are many reasons why you might be in that position. Having more ways to categorize your demotivation will help you identify the real reasons for your unwillingness move forward. Then, you can pick the right tools and strategies to help you get motivated again.

One goal

Meanwhile, if you are thinking about what to do when you have no motivation, take a step forward, and set one goal. One goal works like the song “One Love by Blue” (feeling nostalgic). If you are bored or in need of some motivation, replace one love with one goal and enjoy the song. You will definitely feel motivated; this actually works for me and my friends.

change the routine to find the motivation

When a lack of motivation strikes in our lives, we really need to change our habits and the routine. Like start meditation, Zumba, or whatever you love. In most cases, we feel demotivated when our routine is unbalanced. Therefore, balance your routine and bring some important changes to your life.



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