Hip Hop Cubano: Term “Inventos”

Inventos is award winning Eli Jacobs – Fantauzzi’s first full length documentary which he released in the summer of 2003. According to Eli, hip-hop is a voice for the voiceless and reflects the society from which it originates (Accomando). Therefore, he celebrates those who speaks for a purpose and calls for change and at the same time, he explores the current Hip-Hop scene in his country, Cuba, in the film. The term inventos simply refers to one’s ability to make something out of nothing. Eli talks about Cubans ability to handle the problems they face daily, for instance, the U.S. trade embargo against their island nation.

Hip hop helps bringing Cuba to the ground. Eli used the footage he had collected from his country and decided to make a documentary after realizing how much people were excited with it (“Inventos Hip Hop Cubano”). The documentary was meant to prove to the rest of the world and the international hip – hop community what his country had. It would be essential in raising the young and talented Cubans who loves and promotes the hip hop culture.

It is the language of the common struggle. Many young people love hip- hop and the hip – hop culture and most of them are even willing to be part of it though they cannot manage it. But according to Eli, we use the little we have to make something big out it. When he started filming, he had no formal training but out of passion and focus he came up with this documentary (Rojas and Michie 67).

Besides, they do not have resources as compared to the other hip hop artists in America but they still made it.

Subsequently, inventos is a reminder of the power of hip hop. The documentary clearly shows the political consciousness in which hip hop is made. It was used to raise an alarm concerning the suppressive social condition in Cuba that resulted from the U.S. embargo (Rowsell and Pahl 23).

Lastly, Inventos is the kind of documentary that lives generation after generation. Hip – Hop was invented several years back, around 30 years, with the main purpose of providing a unique insight into the realities and politics of a society, a purpose served by Eli’s film. The film gives voice and bravery to the patriots who cannot sit and watch the society silencing or ignoring those with potential even at the expense of their lives. Therefore, this documentary should be preserved to show our children, generation after another, so as to retain the love and hip hop culture.


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