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How To Calculate Annual Income After Taxes

Investment income represents an important share of overall earnings, so making the most of each opportunity ultimately adds to personal wealth. Professional guidance is suggested for inexperienced investors striving for the best returns. In fact, even savvy participants benefit from sage financial counseling. Building diversified holdings, for example, protects passive returns by balancing risk, so advisors are likely to suggest a blended portfolio comprised of various investment types. Annuities, 401K investments and mutual funds built of stocks and bonds each provide passive income.

Business partnerships and past efforts you’ve made to create residual income furnish passive streams, if everything goes as planned. Royalties and other income-generating publishing rights can also lead to ongoing earnings, protecting authors and composers with compensation.

Tax As % Of Income : 000

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Factors Affecting Investment Income

Factor Affects
Timing Cash Flow
Taxes Investment Income
Fees Investment Income
Inflation Value of Investment Income

Effects of Investment Income Factors

Investment Income from Stocks

Timing – Annual Dividends Vs Quarterly Dividends

Taxes on Dividend Income

Dividends are subject to federal income taxes. Qualified dividend income does, however, get a lower tax rate than earned income as of this writing. Even though the taxes probably won’t be deducted before receiving the dividends , taxes will likely need to be paid on them by the correct time.

You get a true comparison among various types of income generating assets by considering after tax income. While the lower dividend tax rate on qualified dividends is helpful, many income investments have tax related benefits. Therefore, owed taxes must be part of your final investment income calculation so you can compare and evaluate investments as well as apply the provided income against expenses.

Investment Income from Bonds

How to Calculate Investment Income from Bonds

Income from individual bonds is calculated in the same way that investment income is calculated for stocks. The math is the same, but the income you get from bonds is in the form of interest and not dividends.

When Do Bonds Pay Interest?

Investment income from bond interest can be even trickier to plan cash flow around th an stock dividends. This is because most bonds pay interest twice a year. Some bond funds may, however, pay monthly income. Other bonds, such as EE Series bonds, pay interest when the bonds are redeemed.

Taxes and Bond Interest

You’ll want to consider taxes when calculating investment income from bonds, too . As of this writing, most bond income, when applicable, is taxed as ordinary income. This can result in higher investment income tax rates than that of stock dividends.

Note that the tax rules can also vary for federal income tax vs state income tax. You’ll want to factor this into your investment income calculation since we want to evaluate investments based on what we get to keep after fees and taxes. You can research this or ask your CPA.

It is necessary to reduce expected interest income by the amount of estimated taxes you’ll need to pay in order to truly evaluate and compare income investments. This is true even though you won’t see the taxes paid as you receive the interest income.

Bond Risk

It’s important to note, however, that bond risk increases when interest rates rise. This is because investors can get a higher yield from newer or other investments so bonds decrease in value.

Upgrades to consider

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