John Cage Experimental Music

In John Cage experimental music case, he attempts to indicate that the music composer clearly savvy their responsibility during music production. He dissents with the notion that his music was just experimental. He based his argument with music composers who have a clear comprehension of music. In this case, the author tries to explicate the evolution of the music industry. As days goes by, he accepted experimental perception of his music and for any other interesting music. Experimental theme changed to a controversial characteristic of new music. Some people would even question whether this new “music” is music at all. The author articulates that the new music is nothing but sound and he thinks people fear future music.  He shows that new music comes with new listening skills. People do not attempt to comprehend the message being communicated in music. He posits that if the new music has a meaningful message, music sounds is supposed to be given shapes of words.

On the contrary, sounds play a paramount role in human life. It might be a big challenge to emit voice without sounds. Music sounds serve as a means of communication. The communication is understood via expressive tone, auditory words and through ears by hearing. Feelings can be expressed through sound variation. In the current music and the future music sounds communicate a particular message to listeners. Animals only communicate through sounds. They pass a message to one another through sounds such as cry, moan or weep.

We cannot just indicate that new music is nothing but a sound. Music is an art that solely depends on sound. From music system, we cannot have music without sound. Music soothes our mind, communicates a message and assists in getting rid of stress.  Music can be elucidated as a sound fine tuned and controlled. I anticipate that future music will communicate its message in a more advanced way via the use of sounds due to technology advancement. Hence, there is not cause for alarm regarding future music.  With no doubts, the sound is a crucial element in music production. Good music and sound can narrate a story that a picture cannot convey on its own.

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