Online Writing Jobs for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

how to become freelance writer with no experience

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What Do You Need to Be a Freelance Writer?

If you often read content and think “I could do better than that,” then that’s a good sign (so long as you’re not delusional!) And if you don’t read a LOT of content, I’d once again urge you to look within yourself to ask why you want to be a writer if you’re not an avid reader.

It can be literally anything. Between 2009 and 2014 I lived as an expat in Portugal, and wrote a huge amount of content about both expat life and Portugal itself. I’m also a Microsoft and Apple certified techie, so have had many writing gigs around computers and cybersecurity.

While specialist knowledge isn’t essential, it really does help. I hire writers myself, and always look for people with specific knowledge of a particular subject area. Most clients do that too. Sometimes it can be subject-matter experience that wins you a gig, rather than your writing experience.

Obviously much depends on what you’re writing about, but lots of research is part and parcel of freelance writing. It’s not about sitting in front of a burning fire letting the words flow. Far more often you’ll be trying to find a statistic to support what you’re saying!

We will be talking about places you can find generic (and usually low paid) content writing work later in this article. But generally speaking, if you want good writing gigs, you will need to send out pitches, chat with clients, and market your services.

The actual writing is only half the job. You also need to be finding those initial trial gigs, impressing the clients, and working to turn them into regular jobs. Many people sell writing courses that brush over this reality – but a reality it is.

We’ve already talked about spelling and grammar, but attention to detail goes way beyond that. It’s about sending in your work on time, in the requested format, and with all the images and supplementary bits and bobs most clients need.

The idea of a struggling writer is a little overblown and romanticised. Plenty of people doing online freelance writing make a VERY good and consistent living. However, it is a life where work tends to come in fits and starts, with lots of periods of uncertainty and anxiety – especially in the early days.

When you first start out, you will bid for loads of gigs that you never hear back from; You’ll end up with clients who want the earth for very little money, and you’ll endure lots of imposter syndrome until you gradually build up your confidence.

Tips On How To Become A Better Writer When Writing Online

1. Always Hunt For Work

Look up employment sites online or introduce yourself to the content director in an email to prospective clients. You must constantly search for new freelance writing jobs if you want to maintain earning money and avoid downtime between tasks.

2. Learn SEO

Have a fundamental understanding of how search engine optimization functions as a freelance writer and know where to strategically position keywords to increase web traffic to the company’s website.

When it comes to SEO, a list of keywords targeted at a certain phrase or category will be provided by a customer looking for SEO content. As the writer, you can make use of these keywords and incorporates them into your article in various ways.

3. Start Cold Pitching

Come up with pertinent article ideas and begin pitching them to the publications or newspapers you wish to write for because you probably have your own thoughts running through your brain if you are a writer.

4. Produce Tidy Work

When I say tidy work, I mean work that has been screened through for minute errors. If the editor or client has to point out a grammatical error in every paragraph, you know there is a problem.

It is crucial that you submit writing assignments with error-free text and this entails editing and proofreading your own work. Make sure your phrases are succinct, clear, and simple to understand.

5. Feedback Is Essential

You will receive comments on your work from your clients where sometimes you will turn in a flawless article, and other times you will need to spend a lot of time revising. Do not take criticism personally.

Remembering that every feedback is the key to becoming a better writer in your freelance writing career will help you improvise your writing skills when you start freelance writing.


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